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As a former Managing Partner of a Residential Appraisal Company and a current Real Estate Agent........I have a diverse and wide ranging background in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. 

Additionally......with nearly 20 years in the Real Estate Business.....and having reviewed over 2000 Residential Appraisals, conducted at least 5x's that many Comparative Market Analysis' (CMA's) and Bought & Sold more Homes that I can remember .......I am confident I can provide you with a realistic assessment of the Market and how it affects your Real Estate goals.  

Building and Developing a portfolio of Real Estate for Investors consisting of Commercial and Residential properties is a unique challenge and my daily activities can range from reviewing P&L’s to assessing Rental properties to previewing potential purchases for both In-State and Out-of-State Buyer's and Seller's.

In addition to working with Investors......I am blessed with opportunities to assist Family and Friends when buying or selling their homes..... a process that can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding with the assistance of an experienced Agent providing a polite, professional and experienced hand along the way.   

Some background.....I spent my early "developmental" years working in the Airlines Industry.  I often share that...”the Airlines is one of the best jobs a young person can have”.  Much of my Customer Service, Management and Organizational - Training was presented to me as a 20 - 30 year old.   A wonderful experience of life lessons that helped shaped who I am today.

When I am not with Client's, in the Office or somewhere in the City.... showing, previewing or assessing a property…... I do enjoy spending time with my Sons.....Jack & Sam.

Additionally.... my hobbies include fishing, the occasional round of Golf and cheering on the Chiefs and the Royals.   I am also....(MU and K-State folks.....please don’t hold it against me)....a long-time fan of the University of Kansas - Basketball Team.

Please feel free to call me and we can review your Real Estate needs to see if I am a good fit for your "Team".   

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